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Mezuzah - Dichroic Glass - Emerald Green Tiger Striped Glass - 6 Inches Long - Stunning Dichroic Glass Mezuzah Case - Comes with a Kosher Scroll - The Jessica Collection

$ 89.99
This unique mezuzah case is truly stunning. The 6 inch Dichroic glass seems to change colors when viewed from different angles. The glass base of this mezuzah case is a tiger striped design of emerald green dichroic glass. There is a pewter "shin" at the top of the mezuzah case. Because nails would detract from the beauty of the glass and could even damage the glass, the mezuzah case was designed to be mounted with double sided tape. The mezuzah comes with outdoor mounting tape, which has a very aggressive adhesive and may damage paint upon removal. If mounting indoors, which is recommended, you can peel off the outdoor mounting tape and replace with indoor double sided tape. The mezuzah comes with a kosher scroll that was written by a scribe on a parchment. The mezuzah comes packaged in a gift box and is 6 inches long.

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