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Mezuzah with Ten Commandmeosher Mezuzah Parchment with Swarovski Crystals and a Kosher Scroll

$ 74.99
This beautifully crafted pewter Mezuzah, which is approximately 3 1/4 inches tall, is highlighted by Swarovski crystals. The ten commandments sparkle with ten topaz colored Swarovski crystals. The inside cavity is approximately 3" long. The shin is adorned with 3 Swarovski rhinestones. Makes a great house warming gift. This mezuzah cover comes with a Kosher Mezuzah scroll that was inscribed on parchment by a trained Sofer (Scribe) in Israel. The scroll is hand written by a trained scribe.The scroll is 7 cm long, approximately 2.75 inches. The scroll is approximately 3 inches wide. The scroll comes rolled and protected by plastic so that it is ready to be placed into the mezuzah case. The parchment, or Klaf, contains the text of the Jewish prayer that is the essence of the Mezuzah.  The mezuzah cover and scroll come packaged in a box suitable for gift wrapping.

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