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Stainless Steel Mezuzah Case for the Door with Kosher Mezuzah Scroll - Mezuzah for the Door

$ 54.99
This contemporary stainless steel mezuzah, which is adorned with a genuine pewter shin, will be a welcome addition to any home. The mezuzah is approximately 1 inch wide and 6 inches tall. The glass tube will hold a mezuzah scroll that is approximately 3 inches long. The tube is slightly tilted so that the mezuzah case can be mounted straight up and down and the scroll will be properly slanted to point into the house or room. The mezuzah case comes with a kosher mezuzah scroll that was handwritten by a scribe in Israel on a parchment. The mezuzah case comes with outdoor two faced tape to mount the case to the door post. There are no holes for nails, which would detract from the look of the mezuzah case. The mezuzah case comes in a gift box that is suitable for gift wrapping.

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